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TCM Postpartum Recovery & Support Program (4 weeks)

Body | Mood | Hormone Support | Replenish


Common situations 2-4 weeks before birth (perinatal period):

  • Swelling in the lower body

  • Obesity

  • High blood pressure and blood sugar

  • Lower back and leg pain

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Morning sickness, etc.


Common situations after birth:

  • Fatigue and muscle soreness

  • Wound pain and bleeding

  • Insufficient breast milk

  • Mastitis

  • Mood swings

  • Rapid weight gain

  • Other conditions (infections, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, obesity, postpartum depression, etc.)


Traditional Chinese Medicine Principles for Postpartum Health:

Under the guidance of a doctor, use Chinese herbal medicine and formulas to strengthen the body constitution, including foot baths and herbal baths.


Ensure adequate sleep, maintain a positive mood, emphasize personal hygiene.


Avoid exposure to wind, keep warm, protect muscles and joints, avoid heavy physical labor.


Balanced diet nutrition, eating smaller meals but more frequent, balanced supplementation.



Postpartum Meal Principles:

First week after birth:

Discharge lochia, promote the release of metabolic waste, expel stagnant blood, aid wound healing. The dietary characteristics are easy to digest, soft, light, and rich in nutrients, complemented by broths and other Chinese herbal remedies.


Second week after birth:

Tissue repair, reduce edema, promote lactation.


Third week after birth:

Strengthen nutrition, further improve maternal constitution, promote lactation, enhance maternal immunity.


Fourth week after birth:

Tonify qi and blood, enhance recovery, nourish blood and complexion, boost maternal energy.

Herbal Ingredients Example:

Postpartum Meal Examples:

Note: Specific herbs and ingredients in postpartum meals may vary based on mother’s condition. The following are historical examples, and each mother’s broths and teas will be adjusted. Please inform us your dietary restrictions, allergies etc.

Picture english ver..png

Postpartum Recovery Program Process:

  • Initial Consultation:

    • Fill out online form below within a month before the expected due date for initial consultation over phone.

    • The purpose is to understand the mother's basic physical condition, analyze body constitution according to TCM, and formulate dietary and treatment plans. Set-up acupuncture if needed. 

  • Before birth:

    • One week before the expected due date, check in with doctor for any necessary acupuncture and herbal medicines. Start food therapy with prescribed functional foods (7 broths, 7 teas).

  • On the Day of Delivery:

    • The mother needs to inform the doctor whether it's a vaginal delivery or a c-section and provide more specific information. The doctor will adjust the dietary and treatment plans accordingly.

  • Start postpartum treatment plan:

    • Follow the plan to pick up or have meals delivered. Collect 2-3 days' worth of herbal food at a time (Uber Delivery Service is available).

  • Follow-up:

    • Every 48 hours, Dr. Wu will check in with the mother's condition and provide guidance. Acupuncture and herbal treatment may be administered as necessary.

Postpartum Recovery Program Details:

Price: $3499


  • Initial consultation and counseling

  • Follow-up consultation before birth

  • Acupuncture from prenatal to postpartum


  • Tailored prenatal food therapy to prep birth.

    • Medicinal broths (1) – daily for 7 days

    • Herbal tea (1) – daily for 7 days


  • Tailored postpartum food therapy for recovery.

    • 3 postpartum meals (including herbal broths, teas, and nutritious meals) – daily for 28 days.

    • 2 Herbal bath bags – Weekly for 4 weeks (Note: Herbal bath bags are customized herbal tea bags prepared based on the specific condition of the mother, used for external washing and foot baths. Their effects include dispelling cold, promoting blood circulation, and aiding postpartum recovery, such as reducing joint swelling, joint pain, headaches, etc.)


  • Professional one-on-one Traditional Chinese Medicine medical services, check-in every 48 hours

How it works

Step 1

Fill out an online form below

Step 2

Be contacted by our team & Dr. Wu via phone to discuss suitable treatment plan

Step 3

Confirm treatment plan and meal plan. You will be guided to use services accordingly.

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