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Fertility Support

  • Function: 

    • Better assists natural conception and/or infertility procedure. 

    • Nourish Qi (vital energy) and blood

    • Improve follicle quality

    • Builds healthier uterine lining

    • Designed herbal steam soup and tea for different body constitution and health conditions. 

  • Duration:

    • Recommended 3 months, combined with acupuncture. Based on Dr.Wu’s professional advice according to individual health conditions.

  • What food is included:

    • Depends on program

  • Price:

    • $100 consultation fee (Consultation fee deducted when purchase 2 weeks of meal plan or more)

      • Soup program: $35/day, $195/week (7 days), $750/4 weeks

      • Full meal program: Soup program price + # meal price

How it works

Step 1

Fill out an online consultation form below with desired reach out time

Step 2

Be contacted by Dr. Wu via phone to discuss suitable treatment plan

Step 3

Confirm treatment plan and meal plan. You will be guided to use services accordingly.

Interested in Meal plans? Start by filling out this form.

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