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Who are we?

Dr. Wu’s Kitchen and Food Clinic is a food therapy restaurant that provides functional food for targeted health problems and general wellness. We use the wisdom of eastern nutrition to heal health conditions. To serve different needs, we utilize the energy properties of Chinese herbs and apply them to our food. Our vision comes from the concept of 中医食疗(Zhong Yi Shi Liao), which means Traditional Chinese Medicine food therapy. Think of us as a “Pharmacy for food”.

Herbs and Remedies
Chinese Medicine

Why Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has over thousands of years of history. TCM believes that balance is the key, including physical, mental, and spiritual. Imbalance can cause illnesses, and everything we try to do in TCM is to restore that balance. By using acupuncture, herbal medicines, and functional food, we stimulate the body to go back to “factory mode” and function properly again. This is a holistic way of addressing health problems unlike conventional care.

Food therapy is a way to treat health problems by using Traditional Chinese medicinal food. One size does NOT fit all; therefore we evaluate you first before prescribing a food treatment that suits you.  Examples of such food are: Steamed herbal broth, herbal tea, congee (porridge)


What is food therapy?

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